Here at Little Moons, we believe that good business means being good to both people and our wonderful planet. We’ve made big strides in living up to that belief and we are working tirelessly to go further.

Remove the plastic film (put that into the general rubbish bin).

Use leftover washing up water to rinse the plastic tray before recycling.

Pop the tray and cardboard sleeve into your recycling bin.

Check out your local waste operations to understand what you can recycle in your local area.

Our carton boxes and the packaging we use to transport our products to stores are made from FSC-certified board from sustainably-managed forests.

WITH THE highest-quality ingredients, SOURCED WITH CARE.

Little Moons are produced at our factory in North West London.
Little Moons are produced in North West London. All the electricity that powers our main manufacturing site comes from renewable sources. All our food waste is turned into bio-methane and we recycle our cardboard waste.


Coming Soon!

We are working hard on delivering our sustainability strategy: Brighter Future. We are excited to reveal more details on this in coming months. Hold tight!