Lacking some mochi-needed motivation? Little Moons have a solution. Dial a Mochi Hotline opens to offices for a limited time only: 1:30pm until 4pm on 28/09/22 and 29/09/22.

We’ve asked the people of the UK when they were most in need of a little lift, and our research shows that we’re a nation of snack lovers and that our favourite time to do so is at 2:50pm. Whether it’s for curbing hunger, giving you an extra boost of energy or just as a boredom buster, Little Moons is here to save the slumps!

0203 834 3777

London office workers rejoice, we’ve set up a free mochi hotline just for you. So set your alarms for 13:30 as we open up a real-time free mochi delivery service. Just call on behalf of your office, and we’ll aim to get there as soon as we can. 


As much as we’d love to cater for everyone’s snacking needs, we do have limited availability.

Our Dial for a Mochi hotline will be open between 13:30 and 16:00 on 28/09/2022 and 29/09/2022 only. Calls are free from all UK landlines and mobiles. This is a free of charge sampling activation. Please be aware that deliveries are available to offices in the following London postcodes only: WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4. Entries must be aged 17 or over. Maximum quantities may apply, and one entry can be made per office. There will be a limited number of spaces and therefore this will be subject to availability.