little moons?

Little Moons are made of two parts. A deliciously sweet, soft and chewy rice flour dough. This dough is steamed, pounded and gently wrapped around a centre of gelato ice cream, like a soft, snuggly puffer jacket on a cold day. Eating it is a unique experience. A delicious bite-sized mochi ball of perfection. They’re unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before, but then again, they’re ice cream from another world.


Soft mochi dough




Created in small batches, we put love and care into each individual mochi.


Our ice cream is slow-churned, ensuring that there is less air, making for a more intense flavour


We pride ourselves on our carefully selected ingredients. We source the finest produce from around the world to give you the best ice cream flavours possible.

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the story of little moons begins like most stories do, at the beginning

As two kids growing up in our parents' bakery in London, we were surrounded by a passion for creating amazing food and learnt how the little things combined to make a big difference. From finding the best suppliers with the finest ingredients to always innovating with techniques and flavours.

We were inspired by the craft our parents poured (sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically) into their products and the satisfaction they got from running a small business that made products people loved.

so, when we started little moons

we were guided by the same philosophy.

We saw the power of mochi to bring a big smile to people’s faces. even if they weren’t quite sure exactly what it was. We were determined to create something special, so we spent two years tinkering and tampering with different recipes and techniques, until we had developed products that we were ready to shout about.

We began by supplying some of the best restaurants in London and as word spread around the chef community, we were soon on menus and in shops.

We’re proud to say that our story is no longer about just us, it’s about all of us – our lovely team of amazing mochi makers, our wonderful suppliers, our community and about all those little moments of joy, created by a bite of mochi ice cream.

we hope you enjoy the little things too.

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Our values

Here at Little Moons, we believe that good business means being good to both people and our wonderful planet. We’ve made big strides in living up to that belief and we are working tirelessly to go further.

our packaging

We are proud to say that 96% of our packaging is recyclable. Just remember to follow the 3 R’s…

Remove the plastic film (put that into the general rubbish bin).

Use leftover washing up water to rinse your plastic before recycling.

Pop the tray and cardboard sleeve into your recycling bin.

You can find more information on what you can recycle in your local area here.

The packaging that we use to transport our products to stores is also made from FSC-certified board from sustainably-managed forests.

Our next goal is to make our packaging 100% recyclable or compostable.
We’re actively working on some exciting solutions, and hope to have them in place by 2022.

Unordinary ice cream starts with the highest-quality ingredients, sourced with care.


We are delighted to have partnered with the social enterprise, Blurt, to support them on their mission to increase awareness and understanding of depression.

Here at Little Moons, we are big believers that mental health is just as important as physical health. We were blown away by the work Blurt are doing to support those suffering from depression and we’re looking forward to working with them across a number of campaigns throughout the year.

To read more about the brilliant work that Blurt are doing or if you or a loved one are in need of additional mental health support and resources then please visit their website.

We are thrilled to announce that Vivien, co-founder of Little Moons, is now an ambassador for Women Supporting Women at the Princes Trust. Women Supporting Women is a passionate group committed to changing the lives of young women at The Prince’s Trust, helping them gain the skills needed to live, learn and earn. We will be supporting the Prince’s Trust throughout the year.

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