at the beginning.

As two kids growing up in our parents’ bakery in London, we were surrounded by a passion for creating amazing food and learnt how the little things combined to make a big difference. From finding the best suppliers with the finest ingredients to always innovating with techniques and flavours.

We were inspired by the craft our parents poured (sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically) into their products and the satisfaction they got from running a small business that made products people loved.

so, when we started little moons
we were guided by
the same philosophy.

We saw the power of mochi to bring a big smile to people’s faces. even if they weren’t quite sure exactly what it was. We were determined to create something special, so we spent two years tinkering and tampering with different recipes and techniques, until we had developed products that we were ready to shout about.

We began by supplying some of the best restaurants in London and as word spread around the chef community, we were soon on menus and in shops.

We’re proud to say that our story is no longer about just us, it’s about all of us – our lovely team of amazing mochi makers, our wonderful suppliers, our community and about all those little moments of joy, created by a bite of mochi ice cream.


we hope you enjoy the little things too.